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Why Raising Purpose-driven Teen Leaders? (RPTL)

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I am so glad you decided to join the movement!

Being an educator for more than 10 years, I realized I have a gift for empowering teenagers. I have taught worldwide and the response I have from every student is phenomenal. I decided to become a success and leadership coach because it is more than a business, it is a calling, a passion that cannot die down.

My heart is to help parents like you to take advantage of the opportunity I offer to teens not only to shift their mindset to self-leadership and confidence but also to break the cycle of poverty in their life. You and I know, it takes time to change, and once habits are learned, it is hard to reverse them even though it is possible. I want this community of parents like you to experience transformation for growth, fulfillment, peace, joy in every area of your life and to start walking in your predestined life. I believe shaping holistic families is the best way to create a better society and it starts with motivated parents like you who yearn for self-development. I just realized that this community is for parents with children, teenagers, and young adults. Children will eventually become teens, teens will turn into young adults, and young adults into adults.

So why not start the process from a young age by equipping them with the right tools. Not everybody was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, we all have our share of pains and struggle that we are trying to turn into testimonies.

This community is a safe space where you could be yourself, share your story, encourage and build up other parents with strength and love despite the challenges of parenthood.

Parenting is the greatest calling of all as it allows you to self-discover and to navigate into something new. I want to congratulate you for doing the best that you can, however, you must long for even better despite where you are in your journey.

Raising purpose drive-teen leaders takes more than just words, it takes vision, determination, partnership with God, the creator of the Universe, action, and a shift of mindset from you to expose your teens to more, to the things you were not exposed to at their age.

Isn’t it the dream of every parent to see their children do even better than them? Well, you found the place where the magic can happen, and make sure you share this community with every parent you know.

Here are 5 keys to help you start your journey:

1. Network with like-minded parents.

2. Make sure you renew your mind daily for new opportunities.

3. Make sure your heart is healed.

4. Learn new ways to connect with your children.

5. Stay prayerful and recognize the self-sabotage spirit in your life.


Your children are movement-makers, world changers, visionaries, and destiny helpers.

Thank you for partnering with me and honouring the calling over my life to help your teen grow into the best version of himself/herself.

To your success,

Coach Helen

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