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Teenpreneur Makeover

Inside of you dwell the keys for your success, you just need to tap into your potential and unlock
the door to embrace your destiny ~ Coach  Helen

The Success Guide for Teens: Keys to Generate 6-figure Mindset

With its no-nonsense approach, Helen Narh’s new self-improvement book, “The Success Guide For Teens: Keys to generate a 6 figure mindset” (published by AuthorHouse UK), provides practical tips to help teens build self-esteem and unlock their full potential.

Raising Purpose-Driven Teen Leaders

“One of the goals of  parenting is always to help their children to rise to the top.” ~

Coach Helen

As parents, it is paramount to give teens the right tools to grow from followers into leaders. Allowing them to learn, grow and become the leaders they where created to be is key for a better society. There are skills that parents cannot always teach to their teens, but partnering with me as a coach will give your teens an opportunity not only to unlock their potential, in a world where teen's identity is one of the biggest issue but to prevent them from growing astray from their true identity.