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The Importance Of Raising Teen Leadership Awareness

As my favourite book says, “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. In other words, what you don’t know you cannot apply. Most people focus more on the fulfillment of adults rather than focusing on the fulfillment of teenagers.

It is paramount for parents to invest in growing their teen(s)’ leadership because they will eventually become adults that will be accountable to the contribution of society.

My desire is to bring awareness of teen leadership in schools and colleges. I yearn to see a better society, a better future where the earth is healed from the wounds it suffered from.

Let’s be real with each other and address the fact that the earth is polluted due to bad leadership in the past and it needs to be healed with better solutions that will be created by the new generation of leaders. If these leaders are not shown a better way, as understanding self-leadership, it will always be the same.

Teenagers are the leaders of tomorrow.

We must teach teenagers to be more creative, innovative and to grow in self-leadership.

The earth is not going to heal by itself. It needs great leadership in place, people who take better decisions for the betterment of society.

It starts with us, parents, educators, youth workers to invest in their change of mindset so they can become the best version of themselves from a young age.

Time is precious and every season matters. Time is the only precious commodity that cannot be reversed.

I am sure most of us wished our parents had invested in our life from a young age or some of us are grateful some of our parents did. The point is that parents, youth workers are key for directing young people's paths with the right modeling, environment, and resources given to them.

I agree that they are young. However, if we don’t show them the right path, the right example for growth, they will become spectators and victims of society.

When parents, schools teach teens the right values, the right habits, they blossom into true essence and they become more responsible.

We need to start with young people and teach them how to communicate better, how to deal with inner conflict and hurt so they can grow effectively. There are too many hurt teenagers who become victims of society because they never had the right models growing up and therefore end up committing a crime, being sexually exploited, or involved in gangs.

Teens become what they see and are exposed to on a regular basis.

If we don’t rectify this vicious circle by creating platforms, forums, opportunities, youth programs in schools and colleges, to teach them the importance of self-leadership, it will always be the same

They must see that there is a better way and teach them how to reach it with the tools we provide for them (mentoring, workshops, coach, conference, mastermind, youth programs…)

What are we waiting for to raise your teen self-leadership awareness in schools, at home, or in the community?

Coach Helen

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