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Coach Helen defines herself as a change agent, a youth specialist, a trainer, an author, a motivational speaker, a visionary, an entrepreneur and a life and success coach.

She is also the CEO of the vibrant international company called “The Keys for success” that helps people to maximize their potential and to embrace their destiny.


She is originally from Martinique, a French island located in the small West Indies but has been living in England and the Bahamas for the last four and six years. 


Moreover, she is passionate about traveling and making a positive difference in people's lives. She has a passion for transformational leadership, personal growth, serving others and loves to discover different cultures.


Her life motto is to encourage people to own their dreams, become everything they want to be, shape their future, serve their gifts with excellence and impact effectively the world around them. She strongly believes that the only thing anyone could ever offer to the world is a refined product of themselves and their uniqueness.


Helen seeks to empower young people to realize and be aware that their life matters and that they can become whoever they want to be by unlocking the potential within.

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